In order to attract more traffic to your website, and generate more leads, it is important to check and increase your Google Page Rank. In this post, we will look at how to  check and increase your Google Page Rank.

Google Page Rank is a popular patented algorithm. While determining your page rank on search engine results, Google considers over half a billion variables. A webmaster can never know all the variables. Thus, any person claiming to be an authority on Google Page Rank should be ignored. However, there are still some factors that rule how Google Page Rank works.

According to Google, pages that are considered important get a higher rank. Pages with higher ranks appear at the top of search results pages. For a specific search, pages with rank 5 will be higher than rank 7.

While determining page rank, Google also considers the links on a web page. Thus, when a highly ranked page has been linked to your website, you are likely to get better results. According to experts, backlinks from .edu and .gov websites have higher rankings than other domains. The primary reason is that such pages aren’t meant to make profits from websites.

A good way to get .edu links is to send online advertisements on some popular college newspaper websites. Most links from Page Rank 2 or higher websites can give better results. In order to get such results, you can post comments on pages with good ranks. However, you need to make sure that Google follows these specific links on the webpage.

It is worth mentioning that some webmasters set up their websites to make sure you don’t profit from your posts or comments. This can be easily accomplished by downloading some free software from the Internet.


Some Other Effective Ideas for Increasing Your Page Rank 

An excellent way to improve your page rank is to post a backlink to your website in the signature. Whenever you post, you will benefit from the link. You can even submit the website to directories. Every directory that lists you will give a better chance of being listed in search engine results. You should also add an ezine to your website. This will allow you to keep up with site visitors, and post valuable information about your ezine to popular ezine directories.

It is also important to publish your articles on various articles websites. This will allow you to drive more traffic. Moreover, higher ranked article websites will give you more ‘juice’. It is also better to create a sitemap on the website. This way, Google will know how to index your webpage. You can even link to other web pages within your site.

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